SIC Ceramic Rotors
Manufactured by
Kettle Technology Holdings LLC

Headquartered in New York, the SIC Ceramic Rotor is manufactured in the USA.

The production methods developed by Kettle Cycles LLC of IL were acquired by Kettle Technology Holdings LLC of NY in 2015.

The construction of the SIC Ceramic Rotor is based on the Starfire Systems of NY, Polymer to Ceramic technology.

Forged under pressure and fired to nearly 2000°F the ceramic provide excellent thermal properties for rotor construction.
Carbon fibers reinforce the matrix, while silicon carbide provides friction.

Sic Rotors creates the lightest ISO 4210 compliant mountain rotors in the world.
The hard ceramic rotors will last an extremely long time without measurable wear.

Along with a unique custom pad formula, the SIC Rotor and Pad combination allow for a nearly 100 gram weight savings.